Thursday, July 17, 2014

Me, Myself and Why

I just realized something. That even though I am alone right this very moment, I am not alone.  I am with me and all that is my self.


I'm not talking about multiple personalities, self-esteem, self-awareness or self-love.  I'm talking about the realization that I have this incredible amount of knowledge in me that no one else in the universe can ever fully know or understand because no one has been with me 24/7 except for my self. It'd be like trying to describe how chocolate ice cream tastes.

I'm the only one who knows all my history, experiences, dreams, thoughts, secrets, all the good things I have done and the not-so-good things. How I truly feel when I'm happy, in love, sick, pissed off, or frustrated.  The one who always and truly knows what's in my heart and mind.  This knowledge makes me feel really good. It makes me feel very close to my self.

And no one gets my jokes better than me which could be an occupational hazard
when you're a stand-up comedian.

My self is the one and only who knows what is in my freakin' head all the freakin' time...and right now it's Pharrell's Happy song over and over and OVER...But I am also the one who can change what's in my head, what I think about or feel about.  It's like a super power.
I also realize that there is no one who gets me more than I get my self.  


So, to anyone reading this that may be upset or unhappy about being alone, you're not. 
You have YOUR SELF. 

Grab your self and go for a walk.  Take your self to a movie.  Sing your favorite song out loud like a rock star even if you're tone deaf like me. Or just sit in your pajamas with your cozy self and watch TV and try and take comfort in knowing you are with the one who knows you better than anyone.



  1. So true, Diane! I think you're tapping into what all of the great spiritual masters had figured out...and you are quite lovable!

  2. So glad I read this. I need something to get back to being me.